Kenneth Raye Workshops (KRW) was established in 2009 by Ken Raye, who has over 20 years of experience working with furniture and custom finishing. We specialize in custom re-claimed barnwood tables and case goods with high quality finishes which include earth-friendly stains and clearcoats, as well as English waxes.  Ken’s extensive background allows KRW to create hand-crafted beautiful barnwood furniture and accessories that will be unique to your home.

Our re-claimed barnwood is shipped to us here in Massachusetts from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and includes Pine, Hemlock, Oak,  Chestnut, Hickory and other species, depending on availability.

As a small family-owned company, we will work directly with you to bring your designs to fruition.  We are passionate about our products and strive to produce only high quality furniture that will last for generations.

We look forward to meeting with you to show you our portfolio of pieces, pricing and finish capabilities.



58 Mechanic Street

Upton, MA 01568