Kenneth Raye has been working with furniture for over twenty years.

    Graduating with a BFA from the Art Institute of Boston in 1993 with an immediate interest in furniture, he began his career at a small finishing shop in South Boston which catered mainly to designers. There he hand painted furniture to customer specifications and learned multiple decorative finishing techniques. 

  This endeavor led him to continue on his creative path to become an Art and Finishing Supervisor at local a hand-painted furniture company in Harvard, Ma. Here Ken was gaining an affinity for reclaimed barn wood and he was now directing and training others and learning to incorporate it into quality manufacturing.  During this time, he began pursuing his interests in creating the furniture itself.  He started building and designing pieces in a small home workshop.

   1n 1998 later Ken became Site Manager for a high end, on-site finishing company. He had the benefit of working with some very talented craftspeople, who helped him to become an accomplished wood finisher.  I provided my professional finishing expertise to fulfill each client's specific needs.  Meanwhile, his home workshop was still growing as was his knowledge of wood working and the use of reclaimed lumber.

  By 2002 Ken had joined a wholesale furniture importer and domestic barnwood furniture producer. There he ran the production facility, restructuring it in order to increase output while providing a higher quality product. Ken’s personal workshop had also grown considerably at this time, and he was able to continue working at home; designing, building and finishing beautiful furniture. He soon moved on to being part owner and Production Manager for a new furniture company, where he continued to produce high quality barn wood furniture until he realized the only way to guarantee top quality was to create his own shop.

   In 2009 Kenneth Raye Workshops was formed and has been producing high quality reclaimed lumber furniture with beautiful finishes to the trade ever since. 

Kenneth Raye Workshops was founded in in 2009 by Ken Raye who carries 20 years of experience in furniture and custom finishing. We specialize in custom re-claimed barn wood tables and case goods with high quality finishes. Ken’s extensive background in furniture and custom finishes allows KRW to deliver top of the line custom finishes paired with had crafted beautiful barn wood furniture.

KRW has the capability to deliver a large variety of finishes to almost endless array of table and case good shapes and sizes. We are a small family company who delivers personalized attention to each client and their clients’ needs and custom requests.  We deliver with a 6-8 week lead time and are also capable of rushing hot orders depending on order times. Our re-claimed barn wood  is hand picked by our supplier in Lancaster County Pennsylvania.

We are passionate about our product and delivering high quality custom furniture to our clients with timeless pieces that will span generations as well as integrate with any style.

We look forward to meeting with you to show you our portfolio of pieces, pricing and finish capabilities.



58 Mechanic Street

Upton, MA 01568